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Customer satisfaction is something that is easier said than done. Today's customers are smart, connected, well infromed, mobile and very demanding. Everybody wants "quick assistance", "easy access to customer service", "expect businesses to operate on all mobile channels" and "appreciate valuing their time the most". In this competitive world, is a simple and innovative solution that brings benefits for both, the businesses and the consumers.

Benefits for businesses

Easy to start and integrate. Getting started with is easy as no local installation is required. All you need is to Sign up and access our Queue Management Console using the web-portal. We also provide REST APIs (and relevant documentation) that facilitate easy integration to already existing touch-points like Mobile apps, websites etc.

Improved efficiencey and streamlined operations. Our system allows your staff to know who is visiting and their needs beforehand. It gives them a head-start in solving the issue and streamlines your operations. They are now able to resolve customer issues in less time and in a more effective way; giving them a chance to handle more customers in same time!

Great customer experience. The freedom to stay in the queue remotely and being able to utilize their waiting time however they like makes your customer's life easy and their journey to get the customer service, a pleasant one. The reduced waiting time helps you decrease customer walkaways and get rid of customer anxiety.

Real time data with ease of access to management. gives you access to real time queueing situation of your store(s). You can create alerts for service bottlenecks and solve them in real time. Receive customer flow summary at the end of the day and present it to your management for a quick overview.

Reduces your operational costs and overheads. A mobile queueing system helps you cut down on your operational costs (e.g. relatively smaller waiting lounges) and lets your staff to focus on customer's needs rather than managing the crowd. It is cost effective and one-stop-solution that takes care of managing your customer queues, their feedback and gives an insight into staff's productivity.

Easy to scale up. Everything runs in the cloud, so its easy to scale up and add another store with an instant customer flow management system.

And there is more! Get in touch with us if you need to learn more about . In case you are satisfied ...

... Take your Customer Service Experience to a whole new level!

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Benefits for consumers

- take a tip and skip the Queue!

Browse all nearby places from one app. Get an instant overview of all the nearby offices, customer service locations and other places that support or use for managing their queues.

Take a remote ticket. Select a queue at the customer service location of your interest and get to see its real-time status. Join the queue remotely using the app!

Relax and make the most of your waiting time. You will be updated regularly using PUSH or SMS** notifications. Enjoy being mobile and utilize your waiting time however you like.

Give feedback and earn reward points++. Provide an instant feedback of service you received and help businesses evolve based on your responses.

Download today. Smartphone apps are available for iOS and Android in their respective app stores. Its also possible to use web version of our app available at .

We all get fed up by queues. What bothers the most is the unwanted and forced wait that we go through when waiting in a queue. The fear of losing our turn to a stranger keeps us tied to the place; even though, we might be desperately wishing to have used this time otherwise.

Now its time to make a change and let handle all your queuing worries!

** Businesses must subscribe to sending SMS notifications to their customers.

++ Earned rewards can be used to cancel your tickets. This feature is currently under development and will be available soon.